Monday, November 28, 2011

Not Much Happening in the Hollow...

Hey guys,

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we're less than a month away from Christmas.

What does that have to do with Halloween? NOTHING!!! :o

Still, the holidays have kept us otherwise occupied and I have to admit we did absolutely nothing to improve upon the Hollow this last month.

But fear not! We will be working on some things very soon. I think I will create a list of things I noticed this Halloween, things that need improvement or just need to be replaced. If it's interesting, I'll post it here as a kind of checklist.

I'll let you know.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Quick Movie!

Hey guys!

Wow, what a Halloween!

It genuinely was crazy this year. We didn't have nearly as much time to prepare for this year as we have in the past. And, as usual, we had so many things we wanted to do but simply ran out of time to complete.

In all the haste of trying to get ready for Halloween night, we failed to do so many things. One thing I failed to do was do a video walk through like I did last year.

I did, however, take a ton of photos and I managed to take the best ones and make a very short "film". I put "film" in quotes because it's more of a slide show than a movie but I think it gets the point across...

!!!WARNING!!! This video has music so make sure your speakers are set appropriate to your environment!

So, Halloween is over but we already have a ton of ideas to make next year even better and unlike last year the plan is to work on them the next 11 months to avoid running out of time like we did this year.

That means that I plan on making regular updates to the blog this year. Now, by regular I don't mean weekly. I mean everyone once in a while, maybe two or three entries a month, so check back here from time to time and I'll have something new for your to read.