Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014 Walk Through Video!

Hey guys,

Here it is, the 2014 Hollinger Hallow Walk Through Video!

Before I show it, I want to let you know about the sounds I added.

Of course, I always do some sort of ambient sound on these videos. One thing that is different this year is that several of our props had sounds! I didn't want to lose that on the walk through video but I also didn't want to put you through all the talking that was going on during the video shoot. So, I added the actual sounds used for the props to the video. The props that have sound are the Twins Tombstone, The Grave Popper, Vampire in a Box, Coffin Guy and Andersan the Tombstone Breaker. The Projection Tombstone also has sound but I somehow left that off this video and in an attempt to get this video posted today I decided not to go back and add it.

So, here's the video...

And there you go.

I will also be adding a daytime walk through as well as making some comments on how this year went later on.

So, please keep checking in on the blog for a couple more days.

Talk to you later!

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