Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Columns Underway!

 Hey guys,

Sorry for the late posting.  I've been pretty busy this week and although I've been working on the new gate columns I hadn't gotten around to posting pics.

For those that have been to the blog before, you've seen this process once already.  This is the building of the new gate columns for the exit.  Last year, we built gate columns for the entrance and although some of the building is different ( I used less support in the frame work as the new columns are build from 2x2 and not 1x2) the process will be more or less the same.

But, if you weren't around last year and don't want to scroll down to older posts then this may be of interest. As always, click on the pic to see a larger image...

So, this is the basic construction. I built the columns out of 2x4 that I ripped down to 2x2 and screwed together. Sitting next to the constructed column is the material for the second column.

And here is the second column constructed.

Once the framework was done it was a simple matter of cutting the foam and attaching it to the frame with liquid nail and drywall screws. The screws are really just to hold the foam in place while the liquid nail dries. Sorry, this pic is a little out of focus.

And that is all there is to the basic construction.

Up next, the hard part where the true talent comes in... the carving.  This is where the real magic is introduced and this is where my wife takes over.  :)

Stay tuned!

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