Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013!

Hey guys!

First off, let me apologize for the lack of updates last week.  I suspect if you look at previous years you will see I do very little updates the week of Halloween, but I don't think I've ever gone without any posts leading up to the big day.

There are many reasons for my lack of updates and since this is a blog I will tell you about it... later.

Right now, let me share some pictures of the night with you!

The Gargoyle Entrance!

Sebastian Hollinger's resting place.

The Coffin Breaker!

It wouldn't be Halloween without Hollis Weeb!

The Mausoleum!

Lynn in the Mausoleum!

Added just this year...

Say "Hello" to Andersan!

Coming up on...

The Haunted Tree!

The Hell Hole, with burning coals!  The coals are new!

Lynn and the Spider Guy!

The Coffin Guy!

The Hollow Exit!
And there you go!

Sorry for the quality of some of the pics.  I apparently didn't have the night filter set for all the pictures and had to doctor some of them up in Gimp just to be able to make them out.  I wish I had noticed the poor quality of some of the pictures Halloween night but I'm sure you understand that I'm a little busy that night and a lot of my attention is other places.

One of the things I wish I had photographed was an upgrade to one of our props, the Sarcophagus Guy.  In short, we animated it with an effect known as the "monster in the box".  Basically, a small cylinder opens and closes the lid really fast, as though something inside is trying to get out.  I added a chain across the top of the lid and that is the reason it appears whatever is inside can't get out.  It is a very easy effect to create and when all was said and done, I think it was the biggest new addition this year.  I really thought it was going to be the Haunted Tree and Andersan Tombstone Breaker (although both were a big hit).

It just goes to show, you never really know what people will walk away loving.

There is also a video, but like some of the pictures, it didn't really come out.  I'm going to see what I can do with it and post it in the next couple of days.

Also, later on, I will tell you about all of the difficulties we had bringing you Hollinger Hollow this year. 

I'll give you a hint, most of it involves 2 weeks of nothing but rain!



  1. OMG - thank you, thank you, thank you. This is just amazing what you and Lynn do each year.

  2. This is outstanding! Well done!