Monday, October 13, 2014

Been Working Hard.... Despite All the Rain!

Hey guys,

Well, the first two weeks of October have passed and we still don't have the Hollow set up.  This is extremely disappointing but that is not a sign that we haven't been hard at work.  I can sum up our lack of progress in one word.  RAIN!

That's right, just like last year, October has been our rainiest (if that's even a word) month and has rained the last two weekends.  Saturday was dry, but the yard was such a mud filled mess we couldn't set anything up. Incredibly frustrating.

But we've been working as much as we can.

Lynn is making tremendous progress on the new tombstones and she's even started the new, Old Gate. I've automated 3 of our 4 pneumatic props and have started Lynn's new costume.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures yet. Not to worry, we have been taking pics, I just don't have them with me to post today.

But, I will have updates later this week and rain and mud aside, I will setup the Hollow this week!

So, keep checking in.  Updates are coming!


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