Sunday, September 28, 2014

Not A Bad Week!

Hey everyone!

I've was pretty sick this last week.  Thankfully, Lynn wasn't and she's knocking tombstones out left and right.

The Cross Tombstone. The detail is incredible.

Add some Monster Mud.

And textured. I love this new tombstone and it will probably the one we use for the new Grave Popper.

Skulls Tomstone!

This was such a simple idea. When Lynn told me about it I thought it would be cool.  I had no idea it would be this cool!

Lynn made a double tombstone once before (see Hollis Weeb) but this one is gonna be awesome! The babies in the picture morph into demons and we are going to add a children giggling sound effect. Very creepy!

And to add to the creepy factor, these dolls will be placed in front of the tombstone.

I wish I thought to get a pic of what these used to look like. These are excellently creepy.

Also, the mask for the Grave Popper came in!

Where are my hands!

I also added the PicoBoo control box to the Vampire in a Box prop that we are thinking we will put in the Mausoleum this year.  That makes it completely automated now. I don't have a video of that prop and now that I'm thinking about it it wasn't highlighted much last year so I will get one soon.

And that wraps up this last week.

We still have to build the new "Old Gate", automate the Coffin Guy and hopefully repair the Tree.

That said, this week ushers in October, which means I will begin setting up the Hollow in the front yard. So check on us next week and I'm sure to have pictures of that.


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  1. OMG - this is so frigging scary - where did you get this wonderful imagination!