Monday, October 19, 2015

Another Hard Working Weekend!

Hey guys,

Well, it was another weekend of working on the Hollow!

We finally started moving tombstones into the graveyard.  Now it no longer looks as though we thought our front yard needed a complete pathway remake!

Okay, I took this pic after installing the sign but before adding the tombstones so you'll just have to  trust me, they're there!

We also finished painting and aging the new Mausoleum!

Now all we have to do is attache the stained glass windows and we'll be, for the most part, done building the Mausoleum.

Then all we have to do is break it all down and move it out front, get the new prop for the mausoleum working, fix up any props that broke last year, add lighting to the front yard, run pneumatic lines for the props, put all the remaining props out front, lay down the mulch on the pathway and hay everywhere else, build a few sarcophagi to hide the fog machines, install the fog machines, clean up the house for the party and get all dressed up.

As always, we're gonna need a vacation when all this is over.

I'll have more pics later this week.


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