Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mausoleum Progressing!

Hey everyone,

We've been making great progress on the new Mausoleum.

First thing I had to do this last week was build the Ridge Cap for the roof.  This was pretty simple.

I used two strips of the rubber floor molding you see if office buildings and tiled it using the same foam and process I used on the rest of the roof.  Here is the start of the process.

And here it is finished.

And here it is attached to the roof with screws. It took a lot of screws to hold it in place and that will be a bit of a bother when it comes time to remove it for break down but I can't argue with the results. I think it looks pretty good. After this we painted it to match the roof.

And here is the Mausoleum all painted with the base coat and put back together with the cross and Hollinger Family Crest attached.

And here it is with the brick treatment.

And a closer look.

A closeup of the Crest and Cross.

And the backside with an aging glaze. Eventually, all the bricks will look like this!

And there you go!

Once all the painting is complete we will finish off the interior with black curtains and I will build a gate for the door.

I'll have pics when that is done.



  1. Your aunt Bobbie had such a great time (as did I) helping out and being able to see everything in person. Thanks!

  2. Your brick work looks very authentic. Nice work!

  3. Your brick work looks very authentic. Nice work!

  4. Thank you Montclair Guy! It's all my wife's hard work. She's the painter. Also, sorry for the very late reply. I only come our here around a few months before Halloween to post but this is the time we start gearing up to get started! Thank you again.