Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Starting the Tree!

Hello everyone,

I'm still waiting on the delivery of the parts needed to make this years new and updated attractions so this last weekend we started working on the tree that will hold my wife's pumpkin creations!

And just how are we going to construct our Haunted Tree?

Yep.  We're going to attempt making a 7 foot tall tree out of PVC, chicken wire and Great Stuff foam.

The "skeleton" of the tree walking like an Egyptian!

Decided to add a sturdier base. Used zip ties to attach the board. I LOVE zip ties!

I added the newspaper to help the chicken wire keep it's shape. It's not really needed but it did give the Great Stuff something extra to hold on to.

This took 14, 16oz. cans of Great Stuff!

After an hour of finishing the chicken wire and adding another 12 cans of Great Stuff I have the trunk of the tree. That's right! It's a tree!

And that is where we are at the moment. 

So, why did I do the things I did? 

The skeleton of the tree is to hold the branches.  I didn't want to just stick some PVC into the sides of the Great Stuff trunk and hope they stayed attached.  The legs and spine of the skeleton is 3/4" PVC and the branches is 1/2".  The TV Screen (as my wife likes to call it) at the top of the skeleton is so I can get the PVC Fittings where the branches attach to the side of the tree. The fittings actually extend through the chicken wire and are left exposed on the sides.

Doing just the trunk used all of the Great Stuff I purchased so the rest of the week I will shave/shape the foam to look more like a tree trunk. 

I will let you know how that goes.


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