Thursday, September 26, 2013

Took Last Night Off!

Hey everyone,

I have to report that no work was done on the Hollow last night.

So, why report that?

Because we got last minute tickets to see the Steve Miller Band!

Man, what a night.  It was so much fun and I got so many videos.  I posted Jet Airliner because it's one song, for some unknown reason, I wasn't singing throughout!  Not sure why I wasn't singing.  It's a great song.  Must have been giving my voice a rest.  But, that's a good thing!  Because I wanted to post something but didn't want to beat anybody down with having to hear me sing.  No person should ever have to listen to that!

I know, I know.  This has nothing to do with Halloween but it is the reason that work on Hollinger Hollow came to a screeching halt for one night and I thought I should explain.

OK.  Back to work.

Talk to you all later!

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