Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hollinger Hollow 2012 Pics!

Hey guys,

Wow!  What a great Halloween!

An unofficial headcount put us over 1000 visitors to the Hollow this year!

The crowd was so big this year that at one point the traffic jam in front of our house caused the police to come out and do a little traffic control.  That honestly has never happened before!

I want to thank everyone who helped us set up this year as well as the city of Mesquite and the residents of Quail Hollow who stopped by, some on multiple occasions, and made this year the tremendous success it was.

I have been working on a video and I actually got it finished but for some reason it isn't loading to the blog.

So, as a means to appease, I've decided to take a moment and post some pictures of the evening.

As always, click the pic for a larger image...

Walking up to the Hollow.

The gargoyle entrance.

Bucky 1, one of the first props we ever built.

Good old Hollis Weeb, who died morning the loss of the love of his life.

The Mausoleum.

With a newly added photo that is honestly just too creepy.  This picture doesn't even come close to showing just how creepy this image is.

Newly added this year.  This was a last minute addition, the paint was literally still wet when we set it up Halloween night.  It turned out to be my favorite new additions of the season.  I built the frame and the wife carved and painted.  The strobe pushed it over the edge!

Phillip sits with Hollis.

The Blood Fountain!
The New Bridge.

A last minute change.  We added Bucky 2 instead of a pop-up prop to the sarcophagus this year.

Ghost Face Tombstone in action!

A better pic of Bucky 2.

The Reaper Scarecrow.  The light post next to him is a new addition.  It's flickering light was a cool effect.

Zombie Baby Stabby says "Hello" as you cross the bridge.

The Pop-Up Spider was a surprise hit this year.

Spider-Guy, Pop-Up Spider's first victim of the evening.

Coffin Guy was still the one that impressed the most.

Looking across the Hollow from the exit.

The Exit, with newly constructed columns and Pumpkin Statues!

The Hollow!

Honestly, it was a terrific night.  We literally went down to the wire this year.  I will be spending the next week updating the blog to catch everyone up.

Calling it a night for now, but more updates will follow.

Thanks again everyone!

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