Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Haunted Tree and Tombstones Finally in the Hollow!

Hey guys,

What a busy weekend.

First, we finished the Haunted Tree and moved it into the Hollow!

This also meant that we were able to get into the attic and pull the rest of the decorations down.  So, we now have the Haunted Tree and the tombstones displayed in the Hollow...

Left of the bridge, looking into the Hollow.

The Haunted Tree sits proudly in the middle of the Hollow.
And, somehow, I managed to not take a picture to the right of the bridge.  I really have no idea how I did that.  I'm certain I took the picture but I just don't have it.

Truthfully, that's alright.  I only took those quick pictures as it was starting to rain.  I plan on getting better pics in the next couple of days.

Plus, now that the tree is done, we move on to the other projects we have in store for this year.

I will keep you posted.


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