Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It Rained All Weekend!

Hey guys,

Well, as it says in the heading, it rained all weekend and pretty much made doing any real work on the Hollow impossible.  I wasn't able to put out the tombstones or anything.  :(

We did, however, get the first layer of paint on the tree!

Adding the first coat of paint.

First layer of paint complete!

And that is what we were able to do this weekend.  We're actually excited about painting the tree because for the first time, we aren't using paint brushes.  We got a sprayer, like the one's you paint cars with, and pretty much did the entire first coat in 30 minutes! It would have been a tremendous ordeal to paint by hand.  I'm very hopeful that we can put the second coat on tonight and then finish the tree in the next couple of days.

This is great news because we can then, finally, move the tree out of the garage and get some space back to finish all the other projects we have going.

Nothing like working until the last minute!


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