Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hollinger Hollow Starting to Emerge!

Hey guys,

I worked into the late hours last night getting the Hollow started.

Literally.  The evening ended with me with a light strapped to my head so I could finish setting up the fencing.  I also have the Bridge and the Hell Hole (minus charred guy) set up. 

But, since it was dark, I wasn't able to get any pictures worth posting. 

I still have to bring out the Mausoleum and setup the tombstones before I can say the foundation of the Hollow is complete.  I'm hoping to do that Friday.  I don't want to run into another situation where I'm wearing a light on my head to finish and Friday is my next day off.

Over the weekend, we also started covering the Haunted Tree in a layer of latex and we continued working on a new prop (of which I'm not ready to start talking about).

So, it was a pretty productive weekend.  I'm hoping to have some photos for you tomorrow.


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