Sunday, October 14, 2012

Columns Coming Along!

Hey guys,

So, progress on the new exit columns continued this last week and for those who might have missed how we did this last year I thought I'd show you how it was done.

Construction of the columns was shown in a previous post.  Now has come the time to start decorating them.

As always, click the pic for a larger image...

First thing is to draw the pattern you want to carve.

Then grab your trusty burner and burn the patter into the foam.

Alright, this pic shows a couple different steps.  First is to add the "stone" base and caps to the columns.  This is done with 2x4's and a 1/4" sheet of plywood across the top.  All glued and screwed.  The second part is to make and apply your exterior coating.  This is what gives all the foam and wood  a stone look and feel.  We got the recipe for the "Monster Mud" online and it is a very simple 5 parts drywall compound mixed with 1 part paint.  The paint can be whatever color you want but we went with a light gray to simulate concrete.  Apply Monster Mud with a brush.
Look! One of last years entrance columns with this years, newly mudded exit columns.

And here is one of the new columns getting it's bricks painted.  Dark gray for the mortar and a fresh coat of red topped with a fresh coat of black for the bricks.

And that is as far as we are at the moment.  Last years columns had a darker gray paint used in the Monster Mud but this year's paint was a little to light for us so we will follow this up with a light staining of the "concrete" and then we will put an aging glaze on top.  Once done, a couple coats of polyurethane to seal it up and protect it from the weather and we'll be done.

Of course, we'll have pics of that to show you as well.

Until then....

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