Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Columns Complete!

Hey everyone,

Well, I said the next time you see the columns they will be out front in the Hollow and here they are...

If you look way down on the other end you will see the old columns!

As always, you can click the pic for a better view.

And I know I said yesterday they were officially done but now it is officially official.

So, now what's next?  Well, the wife is working on the Pumpkin Statues to sit atop our new columns. 

For me?  If you look in the pictures above  you will see the fencing doesn't run up the sides of the graveyard.  I will start building new fencing to finally complete the look and for the first time ever, Hollinger Hollow will be completely wrapped in "iron" fencing.

Of course, more pictures and updates to follow...

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