Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Skeleton!

Hello again!

As well as making new pumpkin statues (see entry below) the wife has been working on a new skeleton for us to display in the Hollow.

If I remember correctly, this is for a new prop she has in mind.  It's not one I've been asked to help build so I really don't remember what exactly this is for, but that's OK.  It's coming along nicely and I thought I'd share.

(Click the pic for a larger image)

So, cut up some old milk jugs in the shapes of the bones of the forearm and tape them together using shipping tape.

Add several layers of paper mache.  What's that round thing you ask? More on that later.

Cut out the shape of your palm from some cardboard. Then cut up the cardboard tube from some clothing hangers to make the different segments of the fingers.  Tape them together and add rolled up tin foil for the finger joints.  Hot glue it all together in the shape of a hand.

Add several layers of paper mache.

Pay close attention to your newly constructed skeleton hand as some are known to have an appetite for house cats.  (NOTE: If you don't particularly like your house cat then feel free to ignore this step)

More cardboard and tape.  Guess what this is...

And here it is with several layers of paper mache and a piece of 1/2" PVC pipe.

Oh look! It's the skeletons head. The wife made this from a giant masking tape ball, cardboard and some milk jug teeth.(NOTE: this is the "round thing" seen several pictures earlier)

And here's the round thing with several layers of paper mache.
Attach it all together (more tape and hot glue) and you have yourself the beginnings of a very cool skeleton. You can't see the forearms in this picture, but they're attached where they should be. Right below the PVC humerus.

And that is all we have so far.

More updates to follow!

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