Saturday, October 9, 2010

Animating the New Additons Turning Out to Be A Chore!

Wow, I've been busting my butt these last two days and I have absolutely nothing to show for it!

The motor I got to power the "Face in the Tombstone" proved to be too weak to push the head through. This is a serious bummer as I didn't bother to test it before installing it and after several hours of installing the platform, mounting the motor, adding the pulleys and hooking up the power the darn motor wouldn't push the head!!!

I only hope the place I bought it from will take it back. If not, perhaps I can use it for something else. Perhaps a crank ghost.

Tomorrow (or later today since it's after midnight) I will work on installing the pneumatic cylinder in the coffin to lift the lid. Hopefully that will go better than today.

I promise, I will post some pics later.

Right now I'm just too tired.

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