Monday, October 18, 2010

Still Working!

Well, it's been a busy couple of days and to help show it I've got some pics!

As always, click on the pic to see a larger image...

These are fake boards my wife it making to put over our windows to make them look like they're boarded up. She actually took the time to carve grooves and knot holes into the styrofoam to give the appearance of wood grain.

Here's the work in progress on the Hell hole. The foam will be painted to look like dirt.

An idea of what the Hell Hole will look like at night! Image smoke and a charred skeleton crawling out!

And a day shot of the front yard complete with all fencing (although not all of it is painted) and the tombstones!

Tomorrow we continue moving stuff to the front yard and hopefully I will be able to get started on setting up the lights.

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