Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well, The Pneumatic Cylinder Was a Bust!


I installed the pneumatic cylinder and it busted the coffin lid right off the hinges!

That is my fault. I didn't have the lid attached very well. So, later today I'll be adding different hinges and securing them in a better way to the lid.

The other problem was that the cylinder didn't let the air out fast enough so the lid just kinda eeked close very slowly. I've re-ordered what I believe is the correct cylinder and will pick that up later today.

I also tried replacing the tombstone motor with the motor from an old fan that wasn't being used and after I installed it I remembered the old fan wasn't being used because it was broken. I'm 0-2 on this stupid tombstone so I'm putting it aside for the time being while I try to finish up these other projects.

The Hell Hole is coming along very nicely and yesterday I started setting up the fencing and the mausoleum in the front yard. I swear, pictures are coming.

It's another very busy day. I'll keep you posted.

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